Liza Fior, muf architecture/art


Einladung von Liza Fior von muf architecture / art, London zu einer Vortragsveranstaltung in den Räumlichkeiten des BDA Hamburg mit vorangehender  Exkursion zur Planbude St.Pauli.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Renée Trible/HCU/Planbude.

Aus der Begrüssung an Liza Fior im Gespräch beim BDA in Hamburg am 8. Oktober 2015:

And now, here is our guest for this evening: LIZA FIOR from MUF architecture/art London. We are very happy having you here tonight and we are all looking forward to get to know about your practice and discuss urban planning and participation tonight.

As written on your book, muf is an all-women architecture practice commited to working in public space. It was founded in 1994 by the architects Liza Fior, Juliet Bidgood, the artist Katherine Clarke and the architect and writer Katherine Shonfield.

Muf are specialists in public realm architecture and art concerned about the social and special infrastructures of public space.

We hope to get closer to your strategies of design and planning in dialogue by our discussion about  “who is creating public space” tonight.

Sibylle Schenk mit Liza Fior
Liza Fior
Muf Vortrag mit Andrea Nolte und Renée Trible

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